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The Ivy Film Festival started in 2001 as a place for undergraduate and graduate filmmakers to share their work, and interact with other student filmmakers as well as established figures in the film industry. We present selected films and screenplays to a wide audience, and a panel of celebrity judges (including directors, producers, writers, and agents) views the best selections from the festival.

We're now the largest student-run festival in the world and attract a diverse crowd of students, filmmakers, screenwriters and industry professionals and elite. Past guests have included Jack Nicholson, Martin Scorsese, Tim Robbins, Oliver Stone, John Cho, Chan-wook Park, Adrien Brody, Wes Craven, James Franco, Aaron Sorkin, and just to name a few. In addition, the Ivy Film Festival has shown advance screenings of a wide range of films, including: 127 Hours (2011), Ceremony (2011), Cyrus (2010), Waiting for Superman (2010), (500) Days of Summer (2009), No Country for Old Men (2007), Eagle vs. Shark (2007), Half Nelson (2006), Murderball (2005), and Supersize Me (2004).

Last year, we also added another category to our prestigious prize selection—a social change award.  As the Ivy Film Festival evolves, we are looking to reward films that take aim to change the world for the better (in the least cheesy way possible…).  This upcoming year, we hope to hold a variety of workshops for Providence youths on the power and agency of film.  Our other prize categories include comedy, drama, audience choice award, and many others.  

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